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€ 310,00Price

GOLD PLATED tears ring


size 53


metal alloy: 925 sterling silver, 92,5% silver (Ag), 7,5% copper (Cu) 

silver purity 92,5%


18K gold plated, 75% fine gold (Au), 12,5% copper (Cu), 10% silver (Ag)

gold purity 75%


melted at 890° 


formed by hand 


one of a kind, handmade in amsterdam 



‘tears’ encapsulates and immortalizes the material in a state often impossible to preserve. Instead of casting, sterling silver shapes are formed and melted by hand and all hardware is handcrafted: it’s impossible to make the same ‘tears’ piece twice. molten silver flows along the wearer. each piece is unpredictable in their process, capturing the moment of flux within the silver itself and holding it there. 

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